Freight Audits

Transolve will accomplish on-site audits to review the operational processes, carrier mapping and current transportation costs.

TMS Implementation

Transolve will support you with the full implementation of a Transportation Management System including carrier integration.

Transport cost analysis

Transolve will review your current transportation process and solution in order to detect improvement opportunities.

Transport Tender Management

Transolve will take care of execution of the full freight tender process including negotiation and reviewing of carrier contracts.

Freight Audits

Freight Audit is a deceptive term as the name does not cover the scope and deliverables. Freight Audit is in its basic form checking and verifying of freight invoices to ensure that you pay the right amounts to your carrier. But Freight Process Auditing is more comprehensive and includes the following activities:

Process mapping

  • Validate high level process description against ‘as-is’ situation
  • Validate operational process descriptions
  • Register special shipping requirements
  • Document all findings

Carrier mapping

  • Create a overview of all incumbent carriers
  • Document carrier selection rules
  • Register all specific other selection criteria
  • Document all findings

Audit Transport costs

  • Review costs incurred by the merchant in moving goods, by whatever means, from one place to another under the terms of the contract of carriage.
  • Take also additional elements into account such as packing, documentation, loading, unloading and transport insurance.
  • Register shipping profile corresponding to the transportation costs
  • Document all findings


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